What is Consignment?

Consigning your vehicle simple means allowing a dealership to sell your vehicle for you. The dealership will handle all aspects of the transaction from beginning to end, and in return you pay them a percentage OR a fixed fee that was previously agreed upon from the sale price of the vehicle. The consigning dealer then takes care of the entire transaction including: listing your vehicle on multiple platforms, viewing with potential buyers of the vehicle and lastly delivering the car once it has sold. To sum up, a vehicle consignment translates to paying a business to do the work of selling your car allowing you to save your time and get top dollar for your vehicle.

Benefits of Consignment

Get the most money for your vehicle

When selling a vehicle privately it comes with limited finance and/or lease options for the new buyer, in turn it makes it more difficult to sell vehicles that have a higher price tag on them. With that said, buyers will turn to a dealership to allow for more options such as trade-ins and tax savings on a potential new vehicle purchase.

Larger Market Attraction

Dealers that offer good consignment programs allow for a much larger audience to be obtained, meaning, consigning dealers have a bigger database allowing them to advertise and market your vehicle in a manner which a private seller may not be able to put forth. Dealers like ours can offer cross-country and international shipping allowing your vehicle to be sold not to just your local market, which can be a tedious and scary process for a private seller. With that said, Auto View has a much higher than average online following which gets a lot of eyes viewing the vehicles we have to offer.

Warranty Options

When consigning your vehicle through a dealer many vehicles are elidable for extended warranties and third party warranties, which usually cannot be provided by a private seller With that said Auto View always offers and suggests a warranty as it protects the buyer down the road if the car in which they have purchased ever has a mechanical or electrical failure, they are covered and do not have to spend money out of their own pocket. You can view our warranty information in our “Warranty” tab.

Tax Savings

When your vehicle sells with us and you then decide to purchase a new vehicle from our dealership, Auto View can then treat your sold vehicle as a “trade-in”. This now allows you to only pay tax on the difference owed between the two vehicles and not the full amount of your new purchase. More money in your pocket!

Want to consign your vehicle?

If you are interested in consigning your vehicle with Auto View feel free to contact us via email, phone or just stop in! All our contact information can then be found on the Main Page or in the Contact Us tab. Thank you for your consideration!